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Complete control of machines and installations – wherever they are

Technically minded?

Our solutions give you remote access to machines, systems and operating systems. A solution is nearly always an interplay of hardware and software. The hardware is one of our ServiceGate industrial VPN routers, and the software comprises two components, our portal and the client service running in the background.

Client service

Your member of staff gets authorisation in the system to each location that is coupled to their account, and all that is required is that the free client software is installed. Once logged in, each authorised location can be easily accessed. No other extra software is needed to arrange authorisation and any internet browser will suffice.

remote portaal

Web portal

You can decide who has access to a machine or installation and the level of access they have. This useful tool means you can manage all your projects securely, for instance by easily giving co-companies using the Remote Engineer platform access to your locations.

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Handy web app

The Remote Engineer web app enables you to easily start an online session using your web browser. It means you can connect with your locations whenever you need to and wherever you are using your smartphone, tablet or pc. The app has various functions including notification profile settings so that you automatically get notifications on the online status of machines and installations. You also get an automatic notification when a connection is unavailable in a pre-defined period.

Case & call management

Case & call is an administrative function in our software that explains work on a machine in a brief report. It can also be used, for example, to process your billable hours. When it comes to software solutions, we’re happy to customise them to your needs.

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