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Industrial remote access

Worldwide remote connection with machines and installations

Technically minded?

Our industrial remote access services mean you can analyse and manage machines and installations remotely wherever they are in the world using a laptop, tablet or smartphone. With a single platform you can take care of commissioning, maintenance and services, and if a malfunction occurs, you are immediately notified so that you can take action. That chances are you can quickly resolve the problem from your own computer.

Work quickly and efficiently using remote access

  • Save time, travel costs and labour costs
  • Reduce downtime and improve operational reliability
  • Contribute to sustainability and CSR
  • Optimise production processes and machines
  • Increase client satisfaction

ServiceGate industrial VPN routers

Central to our remote access total solution is the ServiceGate industrial VPN router. This router fits in any machine or switch box and connects the remote access platform to industrial equipment within minutes. The built-in firewall means the business network is fully protected. All our routers are plug & play and available to try out for free.

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Web portal

Another important element of our remote access total solution is the web portal. This handy tool means you can manage all your projects securely and with 100% reliability – wherever they are in the world.

Client software

The third important element of our remote access concept is the client software. Service staff get authorisation in the system to each location that is coupled to their account. Using our web app, you can then easily start an online session which means, as service staff, you can connect with your locations anywhere and at any time.

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