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How Top Installatiegroep is able to give its clients optimal peace of mind by always being remotely close by

The challenge

Top Installatiegroep wanted to save on travel time by being able to access and manage installations remotely. This would mean they would be able to satisfy their 24/7 service agreements, and the assurance of being completely ‘in control’ remotely also relieved a sense of worry.

The solution

The solution involved delivering hardware and developing a specific Top Installatiegroep environment so that the secure connections could be VPN hosted. A customised solution like this is just one of our unique specialisms.

The realisation

We met Top Installatiegroep’s needs using our standard remote service and provided advice on creating authorisation levels in our portal. This means different locations can be controlled and shared. Both our ServiceGate V2 and the 4G LTE router (for when contact needs to be made with a location outside the client’s network) were used, and our solution communicates perfectly with the BACNET protocols and can easily connect to outdated operating systems such as serial.

What does the client think?

Being able to quickly and securely monitor and install EasyIO systems remotely for our clients is incredibly useful. In short, it’s TOP!

Robert Brand | Measurements and Control Technology

Top installatiegroep

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