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How STANLEY Security uses our solution so that people all over the world can feel safe

The challenge

Client request: we’re looking for a solution that will mean we can host a camera system for security purposes at various locations. The connection has to be extremely secure (obviously! It’s part of our name!), stable and reliable. It also has to be able to transport a lot of data so that we can monitor our client’s assets.

The solution

A unique, specific STANLEY Security environment was developed for hosting smart, secure connections. Within the environment, a sound connection was made with the data centre in order to save images and other data from the cameras.

Combined with the hardware we provided, this is customisation at its best. A solution no other colleague could deliver.

The realisation

As usual, this customised solution started with us listening carefully to the client. The combination of our knowledge of technology, protocols and business networks means we are able to host cameras and process data streams to a platform which, in turn, means we were able to provide this client with a smart and unique solution. It meant we set up, for instance, virtual servers in our data centre (cloud solution) and that STANLEY Security uses our standard remote access service to resolve faults and control or programme cameras remotely.

What does the client think?

Professional, to-the-point and quick to respond. This is a business partner we like working with.

Edwin van Roessel | Products & Engineering Manager, STANLEY Security Nederland

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