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How BAM uses our solutions across the organisation for a better indoor climate

The challenge

BAM Bouw en Techniek’s wish list was clear and varied. ‘In the first place we want to be able to save on travel time and, as a result, costs. That’s why we want to be able to access and manage installations remotely. Being able to meet the 24/7 service agreements we make with our clients is also an important condition for us. After all, this creates higher client satisfaction. We also need to be able to communicate with outdated ‘serial’ installations. In fact, it’s a must as it means (and this is also a cost-saving factor) we don’t need to depend on expensive new equipment or the expensive software from the Building Management System’s producer.

The solution

Our standard remote solution offered all the functionality needed, via 4G, to meet BAM’s needs. What’s more, BAM uses our system to pass on faults and alarms. These are sent by SMS or mail to the support platform and dealt with centrally. Our service has been designated as the standard across the organisation for remotely accessing buildings and systems.

The realisation

The solution was realised by providing our standard service including advice on creating authorisation levels in our portal. This means  locations can be managed and shared as required. BAM uses both our ServiceGate V2 and ServiceGate 4G LTE routers. The latter is needed for when contact needs to be made with a location from outside the client’s network. We can communicate easily with the BACNET protocols and with outdated operating systems such as serial.

We’ve now become a sparring partner for solving technical ICT challenges and have developed an excellent level of trust with this client. And that’s why we’re here!

What does the client think?

We were looking for a single, independent and secure system within BAM that would mean our building management system would be able to remotely connect with buildings and their systems. The preference for Remote Engineer was drawn from our requirement that the connection would have a low threshold and that the Servicegate V2 also had a serial port so that we could connect older systems to the platform.

Our user needs were quickly satisfied and the direct communication and technical expertise in both fields complemented each other brilliantly.

Robert Kazemier | Team Manager for Measurements and Control Technology, BAM Bouw en Techniek Northern Region

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