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To get you started, we always deliver the first ServiceGate in a Starter Kit. This Kit has all you need and includes a ServiceGate V2 router, Client Software (1 licence for an unlimited period), and access to the Web Portal. You then simply expand your service network by purchasing separate routers to add to your network. It doesn’t matter which ServiceGate you opt for, all the models can be combined and accessed using the software and licence in the Starter Kit.

Contents of the Starter Kit

  • ServiceGate V2 router
  • Web Portal
  • Client Software
  • One licence for unlimited period
  • Optional 4G/LTE architecture

All you need in one package

  • Protected data traffic
  • Intuitive software
  • Plug & Play hardware
  • Data logging and visualisation
  • No need for extensive knowledge of ICT
ServiceGate Starter Kit

Order your Starter Kit

Try our ServiceGate 30 days, for free. Should you not be convinced after this trial, then you only need to send the router back to us. If you decide to hold it, we will charge a discussed price.

To order a Starter Kit, please complete the form below with your personal details. After submitting this form we will contact you to make further arrangements.

Would you like to order a 4G/LTE architecture? For this we charge a surcharge. Please call us +31 (0)527-712049.

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What our clients say

“We develop, build and supply innovative processing, weighing and packaging machines. Outstanding service and support is crucial to our global clients and therefore also for us. With this in mind, we were involved with the online connectivity solution provided by Remote Engineer right from the start. And because we’ve been so involved in Remote Engineer’s development, the solution meets our demands perfectly. The ServiceGate VPN router is the ultimate solution for the online management of hundreds of installations worldwide. Nothing can come between this partnership now or in the future.”