Reliable solutions for water chain management

Technically minded?

Of course you love information! Information is what gives you the insights so that you can call the shots when it comes to water, and in these times of erratic climate change, this is no luxury.

Water and the Netherlands are inextricably bound. Municipalities, water boards and provincial authorities therefore have an important task when it comes to water management. Remote access to water management systems so that you have the right data and can therefore make the right decisions is a task we can help you with.

Our expertise and experience in the world of water management means we can quickly understand the specific challenges you face in water chain management. Which is why our remote access solutions have security, 24/7 availability and reliability as top priorities. Mistakes or overlooking important details can have huge consequences when it comes to water management, but we have the solutions you need to manage your water management systems remotely.

Preventing disasters and malfunctions

More and more measurements are being made and data gathered so as to get and maintain control of the water chain. It means stable and reliable communication is essential. Our water management information system gives you insights into the performance of pumping stations, engineering structures and other structures. This insight can be used proactively to prevent malfunctions, and if malfunctions occur, you can respond incredibly quickly.

Optimal process management

Preventing calamities and malfunctions is part of improving processes in water chain management. We offer various solutions for the remote management of waste water, well point dewatering, drinking water, groundwater and rainfall as surface water.

We develop remote access solutions for, amongst other things:

  • Sewage pumps
  • Mini pumps
  • Mountain basins
  • Weirs
  • Overflows
  • Fountains
  • Sluices
  • Measurement points
  • Engineering structures
  • Bridges

Insights and overviews

Using a single platform, manage and monitor your installations remotely and easily. Creating a secure connection in just minutes, you can get straight to work. With our remote access services, you can get full insight into your water chain management processes and determine for yourself who gets access to all the data.

Data monitoring and visualisation

All the necessary energy management data presented clearly and comprehensively in a single platform: that is data monitoring à la Remote. You can call up this data using your computer, tablet or smartphone wherever you are and whenever you want. Visualisation means the data becomes more comprehensive so that grounded decisions can be taken or improvements made.

Our Remote service offers benefits such as:

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Remote access in practice

In collaboration with our partner Steven B.V. in Joure, we were involved in an episode of the RTLZ program “Doe maar duurzaam” (Do it sustainably).

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