Control of processes and performance anywhere and everywhere

Technically minded?

Data means you can be close at hand but from a distance – and we make sure you can obtain and collate this data. To do so, we provide smart solutions you can put to use straight away.

Data insights are becoming increasingly important in more and more organisations. Our remote solutions give you these insights by bringing data from different systems together in a single platform, meaning you have full control of a range of systems and building installations.

Clients sometimes appear in an unexpected market, like the library organisation we helped with remote access to their automated systems for returning books. Or the client we developed a network for so that access control could be combined with security cameras.

Having control of processes starts with gathering data and for this stable and reliable communication is essential. Our solutions give you this insight into process performance without the need for you to be physically present in the buildings or onsite with the systems and installations. What’s more, the data is presented comprehensively on your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Insights and overviews

Using a single platform, manage and monitor your installations and buildings remotely and easily. Creating a secure connection in just minutes, you can get straight to work. With our remote access services, you can get full insight into your buildings and installations and determine for yourself who gets access to all the data.

Our solutions include:

  • Hosting private servers
  • Client-specific VPN solutions
  • Customised portal in look and feel for you as the client
  • Delivery of our hardware and services as a subscription
  • Consultancy on industrial networks and datalogging
  • Development of customised software for remote access
  • ‘Soft-router’ solutions
  • Plug and play hardware including SIM card

Just some of the advantages

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Leading manufacturers and building managers rely on us for the right solutions. Read through a selection of projects we’ve carried out for them.


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Remote access in practice

In collaboration with our partner Steven B.V. in Joure, we were involved in an episode of the RTLZ program “Doe maar duurzaam” (Do it sustainably).

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