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Performance insights for your building installations – always and everywhere

Technically minded?

Buildings are sometimes just like people: if you give them enough attention, they’re completely happy. If you work is making sure buildings are operating optimally, then congratulations! You’ve got a great job – and we’ve got the solutions to make your work even better.

To measure is to know – and knowing is, in our opinion, the stepping stone to being able respond quickly and specifically to emergencies, to gaining insights into performance and to optimising building management processes. Remote offers smart remote access solutions that give you full control and comprehensive information.

Buildings often have numerous installations to cover for instance the indoor climate, security and fire safety. These installations generate big data that is valuable if you can interpret it. We have the knowledge and the building management system in house to turn your data into very useable, even indispensable, information. It will help you, as building manager, to make better decisions, whether it concerns existing buildings with possibly outdated systems or new build projects – our platform can communicate with practically all protocols.

Committed to your remote needs

Our added value lies particularly in the fact that we work closely with our clients on how to remotely access installations, collate data, quickly respond in emergencies and provide a flexible portal. Our services are often used with an existing management system – you could consider us as a committed extension to your own organisation.

Flexibility and customisation

Various parties are often involved in building management and to make sure every organisation or member of staff involved has the right level of access to the system, we have built a flexible platform. We can set this platform up to your exact needs, including with your own ‘look & feel’ or house style.

Remote access

From this single platform, you can manage and monitor your building installations remotely and easily. Creating a secure connection in only minutes, you can get straight to work. With our remote access services, you get full insight into the performance of your building installations and optimise building management.

Data monitoring and visualisation

All the necessary data from your building management installations presented clearly and comprehensively in a single platform: that is data monitoring à la Remote. You can call up this data using your computer, tablet or smartphone wherever you are and whenever you want. Visualisation means the data becomes more comprehensive so that grounded decisions can be taken or improvements made.

Alarms & events

Another really useful Industry 4.0 application is alarms & events. Alarms and events are used in reports and to inform users about the building installations. They help to improve safety in the building and discover calamities on time. Users can be updated in various ways, from email and sms to push messages in apps on your mobile phone.

Our Remote service offers benefits such as:

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Remote access in practice

In collaboration with our partner Steven B.V. in Joure, we were involved in an episode of the RTLZ program “Doe maar duurzaam” (Do it sustainably).

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