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Your company can create added value by applying Industry 4.0 solutions such as data logging and virtualisation and Alarms & Events. The tools aim to improve productivity and save costs. In addition to data logging, visualization and Alarms & Events, Industry 4.0 also facilitates Predictive Maintenance and Machine Learning.


Data logging

Operating systems use various industrial protocols to exchange information. Data logging uses these protocols and sends the collated information to a top layer such as Microsoft Azure, Google, Amazon AWS or your own solution. We support various standard industrial protocols including OPC-UA, Ethernet/IP, Modbus, and BACnet, and our experts can look into and implement the use of any other preferred protocols.

Connections to the operating system are made on the router which means data can be buffered should the system go offline. What’s more, data is sent using an encrypted connection to various Iot/cloud platforms using protocols such as MQTT, CoAP, http(s), XML and Json. Other protocols are available and we can help should you require a particular protocol. Simply contact us for more information.

If you, as a client, would like to access the information logged, data can be retrieved using an API.

Data visualization

Visualization enables you to turn your data into information that can be used for decision making or applying improvements. Various widgets are presented in the dashboard so that you can export or display the information and data in the right format.

The advantages for each part of your company

Alarms & Events

Alarms & events is used to create reports and provide information to system users. It provides information on the status of the systems and operating systems which can then be used to improve machine efficiency and detect defects early on. Users can receive the information in different ways, from email to texts, from push messages to apps on mobile phones.

Predictive Maintenance & Machine Learning

Predictive maintenance uses a mathematical calculation to recognise patterns in the machine’s status. This then helps define the status most appropriate for carrying out maintenance or repairs. Machine Learning takes this a step further and predicts what maintenance is needed so as to prevent unplanned repairs and, as a result, prevent downtime.

DCS Edge

DCS Edge is the connection between your installation and what Industry 4.0 has to offer.

The product can be used as a local gateway to any required IOT/iIOT/Industry 4.0 platform. Or it can be used as a local historian for OPC-UA, Ethernet/IP, Modbus, BACnet, or any other industrial communication protocol you use.

Once the connection has been made, data can be received and the information sent to the cloud and presented through our platform. The information can also be sent to a different cloud, such as Microsoft Azure. Either way, you get to be able to use the data straight away.

DCS Edge

Securing our services
and your connections

All connections and traffic are encrypted with an AES-256 algorithm,
guaranteeing a secure connection.

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