What we do and why

How do we tell people when we’re at parties what we do exactly and why we do it? It’s pretty tricky! Holding a beer in one hand and explaining with the other all the things you can do with the Industrial Internet of Things and that we deliver technology that means you’re connected remotely to, for instance, HMIs or PLCs is technical stuff and so, for many (let’s say, most) people, something that’s incomprehensible.

In answer to the question as to what the most important thing is we offer our clients, we often say ‘a good night’s sleep’. We give machine manufacturer directors, engineers, hydraulic engineers, building managers, government officials, all a well-earned night’s sleep.

We help with this good night’s sleep by providing all kinds of smart hardware and software that make sure professionals can stay in control of their machines and installations, worry-free and wherever they are in the world. And if something goes wrong, then they are the first to hear of it. They can then act on it straightaway so that, for instance, there are no stops in production. And that can help make you feel pretty relaxed.

Hardware and software

Basically everyone understands this. That we then, while enjoying a second glass of beer, explain that to do this we use hardware we’ve developed ourselves (but disguised as a VPN router) and that you can’t buy anywhere else, makes it all the more interesting. As does the software that goes with it (like the comprehensive dashboard that enables you to read how all the machines are doing) that we develop for our clients. And that our IT services mean you can even carry out maintenance remotely, just finishes off our story completely.

Remote access

Why exactly we chose to specialise in this particular area of technology has everything to do with the market. We were approached in 2008 by a machine manufacturer that wanted to be able to access and manage his machines remotely, in other words, through internet. This was of course a fantastic challenge for us that we loved really sinking our teeth into.

The sustainable part of remote access

The client got their ‘remote access’ but also saved considerably on travel time and travel costs. What’s more, remote access really contributed to this client’s sustainability goals as the remote access meant the engineers needed to get in the car and get on a plane far less often. That you can then, just to top it all off, promise your customers a huge extra chunk of service, simply makes the concept complete.

The concept worked so well in the field, that colleagues and other companies asked the machine manufacturer where  they could get the product too. From then on, remote specialism was Remote Engineer’s thing. It’s only logical that clients from every corner of the world now know how to find Remote’s customised solutions – and that more and more clients are being able to combine their professional ambitions with a healthy dose of a good night’s sleep.

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