How Remote Engineer was started

The journey started with a single question and developed into a successful business.

In this blog, we take you into the past, through to now and into the future of Remote Engineer. Remote Engineer was officially founded in 2010 in Akkrum, but the basis of its founding was laid in 2008.

Remote Engineer’s origins lie in an urgent question set by a machine manufacturer. This client wanted to be able to access and manage his machines remotely. This was mainly so as to save travel time and costs but also so that he could improve the services he offered his clients.

The concept worked so well that colleagues and other companies asked the machine manufacturer where they could get hold of the product – and that was when Remote Engineer started. The solution covered both hardware and software.

What Industry 4.0 means for Remote Engineer

The term Industry 4.0 started being used in 2011. Since then, the market has changed massively and developments in the fields of IIoT and Industry 4.0 have moved, and are moving, incredibly quickly.

“Industry 4.0 is a rapid realisation for our partners about being able to organise work remotely.”

Arnold Agema, founder of Remote Engineer

For our clients, it is a realisation that there is far more added value to be gained from their machines. Remote Engineer has not sat still and, between 2014 and 2015, has seen a steady growth in its range of products, its services and its team. For instance, solutions have been developed to enable more insights into the performance of machines and other devices in order to be able to carry out predictive maintenance.

Future prospects

In 2020, Remote Engineer had a team of 20 staff for whom job satisfaction was an important factor. In June 2019, we had already moved to a beautiful new location on It Vegelinskampke 11.

Remote Engineer aims to use technical innovations to make the world healthier and more sustainable. We offer the best work environment for people that share our passion and, together, we give our clients and partners added value in the optimisation of operating processes and the realisation of cost reductions and increased sustainability.

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