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An optimal indoor climate with smart technical monitoring

Current energy costs and sustainability goals mean optimal building management is more relevant than ever before. From a ‘remote’ perspective, what do we actually mean by building management? And what are the advantages for the owner or manager? We answer these questions using the example of one of the projects we did for and with BAM.

Buildings have numerous installations in place so as to be able to control, for instance, indoor climate, security and fire safety. These installations create data that is valuable – if you can read it. We have the knowledge and the building management systems to be able to turn this data into information. Information that can help you optimise your indoor climate in terms of energy use, security and fire safety. That’s what we mean by building management.

Cost savings

BAM understands the importance of valuable date that helps manage and optimise systems remotely. Being able to access and manage installations remotely means, first and foremost, huge savings in travel time and therefore travel costs. What’s more, being able to work remotely is a lot more sustainable than travelling back and forth.

Higher client satisfaction

The second advantage of remote building management is the fact that BAM can then meet the 24/7 service agreements it has with its clients and being able to satisfy these agreements increases client satisfaction. In addition, remote building management means being able to communicate with outdated ‘serial’ installations. This in turn means BAM doesn’t have to depend on expensive new equipment or the expensive, and often outdated, installation software.

An organisation-wide standard

Our standard remote solution offers full functionality via 4G to meet BAM’s needs. What’s more, BAM uses our system to pass on faults and alarms. These are sent by SMS or mail to the support platform and dealt with centrally. Our service has been designated as the standard across the organisation for remotely accessing buildings and systems.

BACNET protocol

BAM uses our ServiceGate V2 router. This is essential for when contact needs to be made with a location from outside the client’s network, and it enables communication with the BACNET protocol and with outdated operating systems. As we also advised on creating authorisation levels in our portal, locations can be accessed as required and managed by the right people.

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