Remote connections and management of your machines

Our proven solutions mean you can easily connect online with a PLC, HMI, network or installation. Using your usual software, you can manage a device or work on a problem as if you were next to the machine. Our products are fully compatible with modern technology, equipment and IIoT. We bring the Internet of Things, IT and OT together.

The most practical and secure solution

Our Remote Access platform comprises a ServiceGate (Industrial VPN router), Web Portal and Client Software. You simply choose the type of connection you want to remotely manage and analyse devices using your desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Your advantages of Remote Engineer

Not only can you more quickly assist your clients, but you can also analyse device performance, saving you time as well as labour and travel costs. And all with the utmost security.

Most practical and secure solution for remote access

We’ve merged our know-how with smart technology to create the most practical and secure means of connecting over the internet. With no tricky installation processes for your clients but with an assured reliable aftersales and support service.

Avoid error-sensitive configuring

Technology is continually developing and machine management demands more and more expertise. We develop along with our products and are market-leading. Our VPN routers are configured in advance and tested to your required settings, so you don’t have to go through any inconvenient installation processes when at your clients. And it means you avoid any error-sensitive configuring occurring on location.

Smarter and strategic business practice

The advantages of our platform are clear: you can provide quicker service, you get better insights into your analyses and data, you save on costs and environmental aspects. And with our solution, you always have your devices within reach, wherever they are.

Clear registration

Any activity carried out is recorded in the Case & Call management function. This service history can then be used for invoicing.

Remote acces for machine builders

Machine builders and system integrators

  • Worldwide access to PLC, HMI and IPC
  • Real-time access and remote control
  • Secure and reliable VPN connections
  • Increase the uptime of machines
  • Reduce time and maintenance costs
Remote acces for factory owners

Managers and factory owners

  • Smarter decision-making
  • Visualize data from different perspectives
  • Secure M2M communication
  • Optimize industrial processes
  • More efficiently and cost-effectively business
Remote acces for utility and building management

Property management

  • Respond quickly when faults occur
  • Proactive maintenance
  • Performance monitoring
  • Fault detection and Alarm management
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Reduction of calamities and disruptions

What our clients say

“We develop, build and supply innovative processing, weighing and packaging machines. Outstanding service and support is crucial to our global clients and therefore also for us. With this in mind, we were involved with the online connectivity solution provided by Remote Engineer right from the start. And because we’ve been so involved in Remote Engineer’s development, the solution meets our demands perfectly. The ServiceGate VPN router is the ultimate solution for the online management of hundreds of installations worldwide. Nothing can come between this partnership now or in the future.”

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