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In order for our remote solutions to fully meet your demands, we offer standard solutions, customised solutions and accessories. You’ll never hear us say something isn’t possible. Actually making it possible is what makes our work so challenging and gives us so much pleasure. So if you can’t find what you’re looking for on this page, then just get in touch with us.

Wireless Logic

The world of connectivity is constantly changing and Wireless Logic is continually developing, evolving and transforming services so as to be able to offer yet stronger solutions to clients. Wireless Logic focuses fully on helping clients by providing expertise service and flexible, resilient and secure connectivity solutions for any device, anywhere.

M2M sim cards

Sim cards for M2M applications provides speech/sms or other forms of mobile data communications so that machines can create autonomous connections and send real-time data remotely. An M2M sim card is safer, lasts longer and enables data to be monitored and checked.

Wireless Logic supplies IoT/M2M packages specially developed for Remote Engineer with the right M2M, or connectivity solution, so that your devices connect securely and reliably.

simkaart wlbenelux

Wi-Fi Antennas

4G Antennas


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