The Remote Engineer ServiceGate

ServiceGate is the essential extension to your installations and the smartest choice for remote machine and data management. With just a single click, you connect to your PLC or HMI and can manage and analyse the machine as if you were physically next to it. Our industrial VPN router can be used on all operating systems and within all sorts of networks. And it can be configured with any contemporary internet browser.

VPN router ServiceGate

Approach every network

The concept of “Simply Connect and Control” forms the foundation of the development of our industrial router. ServiceGate is a Plug & Play system, so all the settings you require have been configured in advance. ServiceGate provides Wi-Fi, Fast-Ethernet, 3G and 4G connection, so you can connect your machine to any network and connect with it wherever it is in the world.

Compare routers

ServiceGate V2ServiceGate LiteServiceGate Nano
servicegate 3g 4gservicegate liteservicegate nano
DC Power 8-48 volt
Wi-Fi antenna
Input/Output 0
Reset button
WLAN Enabled
USB ports221
FastEthernet LAN ports421
FastEthernet port WAN/Internet111
Serial port00
UMTS antennaOptionalNANA
Data loggingOptionalOptionalOptional

Connectivity methods​

​There are three ways of connecting the ServiceGate to your client’s network​

1. WAN

ServiceGate using the WAN port 
with a Wi-Fi Access Point

2. Wi-Fi

ServiceGate using Wi-Fi 
with a Wi-Fi Access Point

3. LTE

ServiceGate using 3G/4G 
with a Wi-Fi Access Point

What else can ServiceGate do?

There are a number of extra functions available with the ServiceGate, including the following two:

Input / Output

GPIO stands for General Purpose Input and Output, also I / O. This feature is used to communicate between the ServiceGate and systems. Signals are received and sent. We can configure these settings in advance, but you can set them up as well.

Serial port

In addition to the USB ports, ServiceGate has a serial port that enables you to connect with machines using RS-232 / RS-422 / RS-485.

Quick info Set Up

How does it work?

Download Manual

Easy Installation

ServiceGate Manual(ENG)

Download Manual

What our clients say

“Remote Engineer is by far the most simple to configure and comes standard with a wireless connection that is great to use for programming on the job.”