Data logging

Remote Linked and Helix

Remote Engineer Linked helps you measure and save data such as temperature, pressure, electrical charge, power and acceleration. Using our data logging and data visualisation, you can visualise this data in graphs, tables, column charts and pie charts. You can set how the data is represented yourself using the widgets on the Helix dashboard and even change settings for alarms, trend detection and event logging.

tablet en machinebeheer op afstand remote support
Helix dashboard
Remote Linked en Helix

Better results through prevention and optimisation

The information you gather can help you measure, solve and improve processes. Remote Engineer Linked gives you insights into how well a machine is working, whether the product can be improved and if the work is in line with your business strategy. As soon as a connection has been made, data is collected and recorded, giving you immediate insight into measurements, error messages and trends. You can use your normal industrial protocols for the connection, including MQTT, CoAP and HTTP, and we also support both Cloud and internal applications. Differences between actual results and expected performance often come to light when different aspects are compared with each other. Helix keeps you up-to-date with a range of measurements and you can make adjustments where necessary.


  • Uses OPC UA(open communication platform) as standard
  • Includes Remote Engineer Helix with dashboards
  • Offers an alternative connection using Microsoft Azure instead of Remote Engineer Helix (e.g. business intelligence or predictive maintenance)
  • Enables custom-made connections to specially requested communication protocols
Remote Linked Helix Dashboard temperatuur meten
Detail Helix dashboard
Remote Engineer datalogging ampère en chloor meting
Detail Helix dashboard

How does our IIoT platform work?

Our service uses existing connections with the machine network in the Remote Engineer platform and data is gathered using an OPC UA connection with the machine. Remote Linked has the Helix dashboard installed as standard, a tool that gives you a drag and drop facility for displaying your data (tag) in a graphic of your choice. The machine is the OPC UA server and presents the data available, while Helix is the OPC UA client and accesses the data presented.

Key features DCS Edge:

  • Historian
  • Machine learning
  • Alarming en events
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Dashboards en rapportage

DCS Edge provides the connection between your installation and everything Industry 4.0 has to offer. It can be used as a local gateway to any desired IOT/iIOT/Industry 4.0 platform or act as local historian for the OPC-UA, Ehternet/IP, dbus, BACnet or other industrial commercial protocol as appropriate. The product’s key features include functionality for historian, predictive maintenance, machine learning, dashboards, alarming function, events and reporting.

Helix starts receiving data as soon as a connection has been made. The data is then sent to the cloud and presented using Helix, or, alternatively, the data can be sent to a cloud such as Microsoft Azure. Whichever way, you can start using the data immediately.

Advantages for all areas of your business

  • attain and adjust goals
  • track scores
  • work more environmentally consciously
  • save expenses
  • improve position and performance
  • work smarter than the competition

Ready for Industry 4.0?

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Data logging for every sector

Our data logging products are used successfully in the following sectors:

  • water management
  • energy management
  • traffic management
  • building management
  • smart factories