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Not possible doesn’t exist.

Remote Engineer was founded because of a particular request by a machine manufacturer. He wanted to be able to connect with the machines he’d built remotely – mainly so as to save time and money, but also to give his customers extra service and security. The solution we developed then forms the basis of what Remote Engineer is today.

Over the years, we’ve developed into an organisation with different departments and areas of expertise. Since we started in 2010, developments in the fields of IIOT and Industry 4.0 have succeeded each other rapidly We’ve not sat still either and we now offer a range of state-of-the-art remote products and services for today and tomorrow.

Masters in customisation

Not possible doesn’t exist. This is our mindset when approaching each question, no matter how complex and unique it is. Which is why each customised process starts with a good conversation. We then translate your particular needs into a comprehensive solution you can immediately use. And that means you can, remotely, be right on top and in the middle of the machine, building or installation, ready to analyse, interpret and, when necessary, intervene. Our unique combination of hardware and software means we can make what you want possible – even when others haven’t been able to.


We are convinced that the importance of automation and artificial intelligence will continue to increase. Sometimes, we even feel as if we are merely at the beginning of the challenging era of computerisation, robotisation and automation. We want to be linked to relevant developments so as to be able to translate them into an innovative range of products and services. Making the world a little better, healthier, more sustainable and more carefree is our aim.


We want to be able to provide our customers with the highest quality of products and services and continually impress them with our innovative solutions. As a client, you can therefore be assured of an open and committed collaboration and of customised solutions. This means we aim for optimal processes, maximum cost reductions and major improvements in sustainability, resulting in you being able to optimally service your clients or carry out your work to its maximum.

If you have any questions about the technology, call or email Arnold

arnold agema

Arnold Agema


Approved work placement company – we train skilled workers

We work with SBB, NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences and Friesland College to give students good practical education with job prospects. It’s a means for us to help develop collaborations, recognition, qualifications and practical training. Students bring in fresh perspectives of our company and take new knowledge and other insights away with them. We help each other progress!

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