We are dedicated to improving your business by linking machine or building, engineer and data.

Great to have you here! So you’re wanting to find out more about how you can be really close remotely? Then it’s a good thing you’re here because this is where you’ll find everything you need to know. And if there’s something more you need to know, then get in touch. We can be closer than ever in the blink of an eye.

Our services and products mean you get access to your machines, systems and operating systems from a distance – and then manage them as if you were standing right next to them. You can localise and resolve malfunctions, analyse data and generate insights that will improve your machines or processes. The result is control, improvements in productivity, cost savings and less worry.

A solution for every need

Whether you represent a factory, build machines, manage buildings, are in water management or need to access your installations for some other reason from a distance, we have the remote access solution for you.

Thinking up smart solutions that make things easier for other professionals is what we do. And to do so, we use a single, really comprehensive Industrial Internet of Things platform and develop smart hardware, software and other services that mean our clients become in control and free of worries. In everything we do, we have a no-nonsense approach and are extremely approachable and versatile.

Customised services

Our services mean you get full insight and control – wherever your machines or installations are in the world. And including options for taking swift action when needed.

The unique combination of our hardware and software means we can make what you want possible. Even when others haven’t been able to.


The industrial solution

For remote access to machines and installations we use our ServiceGate industrial router. There are four types to choose from but, if you want, we can build a customised router for you.

Acquire more knowledge

We don’t have a monopoly on wisdom but we do know quite a lot – and we’d like to share our knowledge with you.


These companies are already Remote

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What clients say about Remote

Having Remote Engineer as an important partner has meant we have been able to provide many of our clients with innovative and reliable solutions. In addition to the quality and possibilities these products offer, the aftersales service they provide is really solution-oriented. The ease with which our organisations complement each other gives us great confidence for the future!

Niels Zuidervaart, Hoofd besturingstechniek, REMONDIS

We were looking for a single, independent and secure system within BAM that would mean our building management system would be able to remotely connect with buildings and their systems. The preference for Remote Engineer was drawn from our requirement that the connection would have a low threshold and that the Servicegate V2 also had a serial port so that we could connect older systems to the platform. Our user needs were quickly satisfied and the direct communication and technical expertise in both fields complemented each other brilliantly.

Robert Kazemier – Teammanager Meet- & Regeltechniek, BAM Bouw en Techniek Regio Noord

We’ve been using this system for a few years now and are still very satisfied with the solution. Remote’s products and services have now been designated as standard within the NS. This says a lot about the quality and reliability. All our machine manufacturers and installers now work with this smart remote service.

Ronny Koster – Projectleider IT Materieel & Onderhoud, Nederlandse Spoorwegen

The extensive expertise, direct lines of contact and the collaborative approach meant Remote Engineer created an excellent solution for our network of filling stations. These are now all equipped with 4G so that we can manage multiple systems remotely throughout Europe.

Erik van der Meijde, realisation engineer, OG Clean Fuels

Professional, to-the-point and quick to respond. This is a business partner we like working with.

Edwin van Roessel, Manager Products & Engineering, STANLEY Security Nederland

Being able to quickly and securely monitor and install EasyIO systems remotely for our clients is incredibly useful. In short, it’s TOP!

Robert Brand, Meet- en Regeltechnicus, TOP installatiegroep


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Demo aanvragen

Ervaar vrijblijvend ons assortiment industriële routers die worden toegepast op het gebied van machine-to-machine (M2M) of Internet of Things (IOT). 

Tijdens een demonstratie bij u op de locatie worden zowel technische als beleidsmatige onderwerpen besproken. Er kan een opstelling gebouwd worden waarin onze VPN producten voor machinebeheer op afstand worden gedemonstreerd. Zowel managers als ICT beheerders, programmeurs en engineers zijn welkom. Eventueel installeren wij direct onze producten, zodat u deze zelf een tijdje kunt uitproberen. 

Vraag uw demo aan via onderstaand formulier. Wij nemen na ontvangst van uw aanvraag contact met u op om een afspraak in te plannen.

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