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Remote device management
✓ Efficient
✓ Worldwide
✓ Intuitive
✓ Improve
Data logging & Visualization
✓ Collate
✓ Save
✓ Analyse
✓ Improve
Simply Connect & Control
✓ Effortless installation
✓ Simple to use
✓ High-level security
✓ Part of your service
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Remote access and support for machine builders and factory owners

Machine management, analysis, data logging and maintenance

It’s essential to you that your machines and systems are always within reach, wherever they are in the world. With our IIoT Total Concept, you can manage your machines and data with maximum efficiency and security. And our Plug & Play solutions mean you can get straight down to work securely without any worries about ICT.

Get better insights to machine performances and grow with Industry 4.0. We develop innovative products and offer powerful opportunities for manufacturers and machine builders.

Remote Engineer IIOT Remote Acces platform

Discover the industrial solutions for remote access and monitoring

All your machines, worldwide, within reach

ServiceGate VPN router van Remote Engineer

Powerful industrial router

The ServiceGate is the essential extension to your installations and the smartest choice for remote machine and data management. With just a single click you can connect to your PLC or HMI and manage and analyse the machine as if you were next to it. Our industrial VPN router can be used on all operating systems and within all kinds of networks. And it can be configured using any contemporary internet browser.

Software voor Remote Access van Remote Engineer

Intuitive software

Experience our own developed software is clear and simple to use. All of your connections are fully transparent and conveniently presented in our Web Portal and Client, regardless of the operating system, be it PLC, HMI, Robot or computer. And you can of course also use our software on your smartphone or tablet.

Datalogging en datavisualisatie van Remote Engineer

Data logging and visualisation

We help you measure and save data. Using our data logging and data visualisation, you can visualise data in graphs, tables, column charts and pie charts. You can set how the data is represented yourself using the widgets on the Helix dashboard. Change settings for alarms, trend detection and event logging.

PLC, HMI or network management at your fingertips

Remote acces voor machinebouwers

For machine builders

Real-time access and remote control

As a machine builder and system integrator you always have your devices within reach, wherever they are. Configure secure and reliable VPN connections between your computer, a machine and our plug and play ServiceGate router. Identify issues and resolve problems before they impact end users. With Remote Engineer solutions you reduce time, maintenance costs and increase the uptime of machines.

Remote acces voor managers

For managers and owners

Smarter and more sustainable business

By using our secure M2M communication you can optimize industrial processes. Get real-time data insights from devices and improve decision-making. Now you can check and monitor the status of operations and response early to emerging issues. Visualize data from different perspectives, analyze it and find out how the production fluctuated on a specific moment. With our solutions you do business more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Remote acces voor nutsvoorzieningen

For property management

Environmentally friendly

A stable and reliable communication infrastructure is necessary for any control system. React in real-time to any changes, for example water management projects. You have insight into performance, which ensures the reduction of calamities and disruptions. Or start improving processes. Our solutions can be linked to existing systems or infrastructures.

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