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Remote Access products for maintenance and support

Save travel time, costs and offer optimal services

Remote machine management

Provide fast and accurate remote support with our plug & play solution. Establish a secure connection from one platform within minutes. Easily manage and offer support, regardless of location, brand or operating system.

Universally applicable

The ServiceGate can be used on all operating systems and within all kinds of networks. Connect using Ethernet, Wi-Fi and mobile 3G / 4G. Apply machine management and support with your smartphone or tablet. Be able to take over installations and robots remotely and help your customers worldwide.

Increase quality and uptime

You can check and monitor the status of operations and response early to emerging issues. Make processes transparent and cost efficient. Monitor the condition of technical installations with our management system. The connections are completely transparent and are displayed in the Client and Web Portal. The hardware, software and engineering are perfectly harmonized with one another.

Reduce costs and travel time

You can reduce time and costs by remotely monitoring and maintaining industrial equipment. You can provide service directly without having to travel to an external location. A PLC, HMI, robot or network is always within reach. This will increase productivity and machine up-time.

Simple to use

The ServiceGate is pre-configured and tested with your desired settings, so that you do not have any difficult installation procedures. You can safely expand your SCADA system over the internet. Users can provide remote service and maintenance through a secure connection. With the built-in firewall you keep devices and other networks separate from your established connection.

Machine Learning

With analyzing data you get valuable insights into your processes and production. By using our platform together with IoT sensors, data is stored for future use. Our smart Dashboard recognizes patterns that indicate the future failure of your machines or systems. Big data analytics examines large amounts of data to uncover hidden patterns and correlations.

The link between the Internet of Things and the IT and OT

Machine management, analysis, data logging, security and maintenance

The benefits of the ServiceGate VPN router

  • Lower costs
  • High-level security
  • Connect in a few seconds to your PLC or HMI
  • Remotely manage devices using PC, tablet or smartphone
  • Increase the productivity of machines and guarantee quality
  • Provide support regardless your location or operating system
  • Predictive Maintenance and Machine Learning
Eenvoudig platform voor optimaal remote machine inzicht beheer en support