The industrial VPN solution

100% Dutch made!

Remote Device Management

Easily manage and monitor devices and provide support remotely using just a single platform. Your PLC, HMI or network is now always accessible, regardless of location, brand and operating system.

In only a few minutes, you can create a safe, secure connection so you can quickly and easily help your clients. Improve production, processes and services and, as a result, save time and money.

ServiceGate router​

ServiceGate is an industrial router for providing remote access to machines and installations. Place the router in a machine and set up a secure connection in less than a minute. Simply Connect & Control!

The ServiceGate is available in different architecture and can be configured for 4G, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet. Whatever the operating system and network, we have a solution.


Increase quality and uptime

The Client and Web Portal software enables you to set up VPN connections with an HMI or PLC and control their operating system. As a result, you can guarantee your clients minimum machine downtime and maximum accessibility.

The tools for data logging and data visualization make processes transparent and cost efficient. And by collating sensor data you can predict maintenance needs and apply machine learning.

Our industrial VPN routers

Simply Connect and Control

ServiceGate V2/LTE

ServiceGate V2 is perfect if you need multiple LAN ports to manage and access a machine without having an extra switch. This model can connect with the internet in whichever way necessary.

ServiceGate V2
ServiceGate Lite

ServiceGate LITE

If you need an industrial router with robust metal casing but don’t need a serial port, 4G or GPIO, then ServiceGate Lite is the option for you.

servicegate nano

ServiceGate Nano is the best choice if you’re looking for value and a comprehensive Remote Access solution. This industrial VPN router is compact and comes in a plastic casing.

ServiceGate Nano


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